Ring for a Jeweller

As a silversmith myself, it may seem like a strange choice to get another jeweler to design and make my fiance’s engagement ring, but for me, it was an easy choice. I’d seen several examples of Mark’s work and felt confidant he would be able to implement my design, far better than I could myself. Also, I knew any ring I made, would be subjected to a ‘quality control’ analysis by my partner as we did with all pieces, and this would somehow reduce her engagement ring to…. a piece of jewellery we made… from what it was meant to be, a symbol of my everlasting love for her.

I was after a classic piece, single large diamond with a high, hand made setting. I discussed my design with Mark, who asked lots of questions regarding my finance’s ring size, finger length etc, and then he sketched some design options for me.

I chose the 2nd design, which had a thick band and a non standard angled 6 claw setting. The result was supposed to be classic, simple, yet unique. Mark sourced a high quality diamond for me, at a great price, then made the ring first in sterling silver so I could see how it looked. It was fantastic! Mark had almost convinced me I would not need the model made, and in the end he was right, but I felt far more confidant getting the demo made first so I could see how high the diamond sat, how the angles of the bezel looked etc,

My partner and I had been engaged for 10 years with no proper engagement ring. I’d made several temporary versions from silver and semi precious stones, but now I finally had a fantastic engagement ring in my hands!

For the proposal, I got a friend to set up a small table, with a lava lamp light running off a battery at the end of our local beach. I manufactured a ‘situation’ that required a dusk stroll on the beach…. Where we spotted this strange light in the distance. As we got closer, we saw a table, beautifully lit with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Suddenly from nowhere a violinist appeared and to my finance’s surprise I bent down on one knee and proposed. As I placed the ring on her finger, I was unclear whether the tears were more shock than joy, but the acceptance was immediate.

My partner(also a jeweler) later marveled at ‘my work’ which I was tempted to claim as my own, but since it was clearly above my level anyway so with grin I acknowledged that I had gone to Mark to get it designed and made.

From a design perspective, the ring was everything I wanted and what I knew my finance would love, simple elegant classic. From a technical aspect, the ring is flawless. The diamond set at the perfect height, its in every way perfect.

Thank you SO much Mark. I’ll be ordering wedding rings in 6 months.


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