Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are designed around the needs and desires of the wearer. More often than not they are put on and rarely taken off. For most people this embodies the need for practicality. The needs of each individual are taken into account when I design for them.

Sometimes I will be requested to design a ring to complement the engagement ring. This can be by matching one or more aspects of the engagement ring. It may mean designing the wedder to fit snugly into the engagement ring, or have matching motifs or design characteristics. It may simply have no other similarity than matching gems.

Some ladies have chosen not to have a wedding band at all, but instead have had me design a substantial stand-alone engagement ring. Many men wish to have a very utilitarian design that can cope with the rigours of everyday living; they want something that is comfortable and robust. Sometimes a significant attribute (motif or other feature) is required and I can also incorporate this into the design.

Some people wear their rings on different fingers (the right hand for instance). Some wear theirs on a chain around their neck.

There are no rules. The only limits are our imaginations.