Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a symbol of a lifelong commitment of love. The ring is a physical manifestation of this love and when designed with the wearer in mind, the ring can be as unique as the relationship it represents. I like to design each ring with the wearer’s taste in mind; I like to use the shapes and colours that she (or both of you) may have an affinity with, whether on a purely aesthetic level or maybe a more spiritual, symbolic level. The beauty of designing an individual piece for a particular client is in discovering what it is that they have an affinity for, the presentation of the initial concept sketch and again when the finished piece is unveiled. Design features can be incorporated to specifically represent a significant event, location, time etc. For example I incorporated two elephants into a design, for a couple that had met on a safari. I have also been requested to incorporate the golden means ratio into a design. There is symbolism held within many of my custom designs, and sometimes a feature will have a symbolic meaning that even I am unaware of.

I enjoy the challenge of designing with almost any kind of a brief; from images of anything at all (e.g. architecture, sculpture, landscape), a rough sketch of an idea, to something more conceptual. Often I will sketch several design ideas to present to my client. One is chosen and I create the piece using one of several methods of production, from hand-building in the finished metal, to carving a one-of-a-kind wax to be cast using the lost wax method, and sometimes using a computer to assist in the design process. I may use a combination of methods to achieve the end result.

I have made many pieces using metals and stones from inherited jewellery. Maybe you have a beautiful diamond in a ring that doesn’t suit you in any way. I can use the diamond and metal to produce your perfect ring.

I conduct all consultation and all pieces are designed, made and finished by me, so you can be assured of receiving a one-on-one service from start to finish. I have access to a huge range of precious gems and certified diamonds, and can assist you with selection of the perfect stone.

If you wish to propose yet are uncertain about the design, then you may consider proposing with an un-set diamond or gem. Then together you can begin the design process with me. Often it is the ideal situation when both of you are involved in the design process; she finally wears something beautiful that she really loves, and he has the pleasure of giving this to her, knowing it is exactly what she wanted.