Mark Scown Jewellery Testimonials

A Journey to Perfection
March 24, 2014

My Beautiful Ring

A Journey to Perfection

The Desire
My daughter was about to turn 40 and I wanted to give her an extra special present to mark this important change from young adult to the more mature part of the human matrix. She decided on a ruby and diamond ring set in 18 ct gold.

The Problem
I looked in the local jewellers and on the Web without success, all the rings were either boringly the same or priced for a millionaire. So what to do? Find someone who would make a beautiful, different, but timeless ring to my budget. I didn't fancy my chances, but I don't give up easily.

The 'Corner Stone'
I wanted a ruby as the centerpiece of the ring, but was worried about how to choose one. I had no idea as to what makes a ruby valuable, and could easily have been stung buying a cheaper ruby, for a higher price. Mark was able to provide a consulting service and helped me source a ruby - I was grateful to him providing his services checking stone qualities etc before I decided on the one you can see in the ring above.

The Design
Now, what do I want? I spend days looking at over 3,000 'ruby ring' images on Google. None are right, but a few have the 'feel' of what I am looking for. I send copies of them to Mark and ask him to send me his ideas please.

We have an animated discussion about what shape diamond should go either side of the Ruby and we don't communicate for a few days....rotten jeweller...self opinionated client!

We agree on the diamond shape. He sends me eight drawings and I pick his least

He searches Australia to find the most beautiful pair of matching pear shaped diamonds that are just the right size,

The Result?
I couldn't be happier...THIS ring for $2,400!!!!! Perfection...

Thanks Mark!

An engagement ring of perfection
March 24, 2014

My Beautiful RingAn engagement Ring of Perfection

Hi Mark,

I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of the engagement ring you made for Alex, and I just wanted to send you an email to thank you. It is stunning beyond belief! You've created a ring that is just so perfect. It's a stylish piece that because of it's individuality, I don't feel will ever date or that I ever tire of looking at it. I'm not big on wearing jewellery, and my fingers are quite thick, however, the ring makes my hands look quite dainty, which is quite a feat! 🙂 and it actually makes me want to throw my sports watch away in shame and wear something that complements the ring.

I am absolutely thrilled with the ring you have created. Moreover, I'm in awe of your obvious talent and ability to produce a truly "custom" product, rather than a replica of something else. It goes without saying that you'll be creating our wedding rings (provided you agree to it!) and I'm really really looking forward to being involved and working with you to create Alex's ring. Note, he's very clumsy, so something that's made out of rubber and easily replaceable is a good start...:)

My most sincere thanks to you. I finally understand the pleasure that can be derived from wearing jewellery!

All the best and I look forward to speaking with you soon about the wedding bands,

Comment by Mark.
Alex briefed me on his fiance's belief that her hands were not sufficiently slender to be called beautiful - whilst I thought this more a case of someone being too self critical, I knew what tack to take with this design so that the end result gave her a new opinion of them. Apart from being delicate and beautiful, this design was crafted so as to make Carla's fingers appears more slender and dainty.

I love being able to play such a pivotal role in such a personal way - helping make a proposal a moment of true bliss rather than one of joy tinged with disappointment because the ring is just not quite right for the wearer's hand or style.

I am happy to have been a part of this wonderful moment in Alex and Carla's life

Engraved channel-set Ruby ring
March 24, 2014

I found Mark Scown on the web a couple of weeks before going on a bit of an east trip.

My now husband and I decided to go and check out Mark while we were in Byron Bay and see what we thought of his jewellery. We turned up at his house and were greeted by his lovely wife holding a baby and there was another kid playing in the yard.

We went to Mark's workshop, which instantly had the very warm feeling of a place where this man spent a lot of his time. The pieces in his cabinet were somewhat unusual but very intriguing; he had all kinds of interesting stones and silver and gold pieces.

We were at the start of our trip so we said we would email each other and Mark said to collect any forms of art along our way and to email him some pictures for ideas for designs. (He said it didn't necessarily have to be jewellery.)
When we got back to Melbourne we did email him.

Within that week he emailed us a sketch. When I saw it I was quite overwhelmed; it seemed a very cluttered design and hard to picture as a ring, but the more I looked at it the more drawn I was to it, and the more I realised that it was definitely the piece. So we told him to go ahead.

Mark sent me a wax model in the mail; blue wax with texta drawn engraving. Again it was quite hard to picture and staring down at my hand which a) had an engagement ring on it - and b) was blue and made of wax; I was a little hesitant but decided to go for it.

I asked Mark to make it slightly thinner, and he kindly sent me another wax model that was slightly thinner and a little bit bigger in finger size.

When he finished the ring he emailed me a picture, and when I saw the finished product I thought, and still think today that it is the most beautiful ring, and the best part is that it is mine. I admire the ring very often.
I found Mark very open minded and very easy to deal with, he kept in touch with us through the whole process.

I highly recommend dealing with Mark; not only is he a fabulous jeweler, he is also a lovely man.

Bianca and Mark Pearl

Ring for a Jeweller
March 24, 2014

As a silversmith myself, it may seem like a strange choice to get another jeweler to design and make my fiance's engagement ring, but for me, it was an easy choice. I'd seen several examples of Mark's work and felt confidant he would be able to implement my design, far better than I could myself. Also, I knew any ring I made, would be subjected to a 'quality control' analysis by my partner as we did with all pieces, and this would somehow reduce her engagement ring to.... a piece of jewellery we made... from what it was meant to be, a symbol of my everlasting love for her.

I was after a classic piece, single large diamond with a high, hand made setting. I discussed my design with Mark, who asked lots of questions regarding my finance's ring size, finger length etc, and then he sketched some design options for me.

I chose the 2nd design, which had a thick band and a non standard angled 6 claw setting. The result was supposed to be classic, simple, yet unique. Mark sourced a high quality diamond for me, at a great price, then made the ring first in sterling silver so I could see how it looked. It was fantastic! Mark had almost convinced me I would not need the model made, and in the end he was right, but I felt far more confidant getting the demo made first so I could see how high the diamond sat, how the angles of the bezel looked etc,

My partner and I had been engaged for 10 years with no proper engagement ring. I'd made several temporary versions from silver and semi precious stones, but now I finally had a fantastic engagement ring in my hands!

For the proposal, I got a friend to set up a small table, with a lava lamp light running off a battery at the end of our local beach. I manufactured a 'situation' that required a dusk stroll on the beach.... Where we spotted this strange light in the distance. As we got closer, we saw a table, beautifully lit with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Suddenly from nowhere a violinist appeared and to my finance's surprise I bent down on one knee and proposed. As I placed the ring on her finger, I was unclear whether the tears were more shock than joy, but the acceptance was immediate.

My partner(also a jeweler) later marveled at 'my work' which I was tempted to claim as my own, but since it was clearly above my level anyway so with grin I acknowledged that I had gone to Mark to get it designed and made.

From a design perspective, the ring was everything I wanted and what I knew my finance would love, simple elegant classic. From a technical aspect, the ring is flawless. The diamond set at the perfect height, its in every way perfect.

Thank you SO much Mark. I'll be ordering wedding rings in 6 months.


Natalie Hunt – Unique Antique Style Wedding Ring
March 24, 2014

Finally I am emailing you, I have meant to for sooo long! I'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to meet up with you when we were in Byron - our 5 days just flew by and we missed out on doing a lot that we had intended - relaxing and doing nothing or being at the beach seemed to win out most of the time! Now it's all about preparing for our December baby so it's busy busy busy (though I've just stopped working and am slowing down which is wonderful!)

Thought I'd send you a little testimonial note for your website:

"I dreamed of a unique, feminine and antique-style wedding ring and was so put off by all I saw in the mainstream jewellery shops that I started thinking not having a wedding band was a good idea! But I found Mark's website on the internet (just 2 weeks after it launched I am told, I was the first customer this way!) and I sent Mark a picture of a ring - similar to a couple of rings I'd seen that were either too expensive for me or only available overseas. We discussed some alterations and different options and then he made my beautiful band which my husband and I both love and I am confident I will be happy to wear for the rest of my life.

Mark was lovely to deal with the entire time and very patient, helpful and flexible, as well as helping me stay within my budget. What more could you ask for? I highly recommend his work! "

- Natalie Hunt

Gavin and Deanne Farrel
March 24, 2014

When we came across Mark we had an idea of what we wanted, I had kept a clipping from a magazine for a long time. Mark was extremely helpful when it came to making the ring in the magazine 'my' ring. He took the time to get to know what I really liked about the ring in the picture and what I wanted. We learnt so much through Mark about selecting the right diamond; we had no idea what to look for when choosing a diamond and he took the time to teach us about the different grades, etc. His honesty was extremely comforting when we finally decided on the diamond for us. The outcome is an absolutely gorgeous ring set that we love and will pass down through our family hopefully for generations.

Mark since has become the new answer to a 'girls best friend'. We have bought an Amethyst ring that Mark had already designed and made and I fell in love with, he has made earrings and a solid gold bangle for us too.

We could not recommend Mark more highly to anyone who wants an extremely talented, professional and friendly jeweller.

Mark you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with!