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Can you source gemstones for me?
As makers or custom jewellery with nothing on the shelf... we source everything for our clients during the planning stage.  Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, - all manner of gemstones, precious and semi precious.
Can you remodel an old piece of Jewellery for me?
Yes... but in most cases the remodelling involves removing all the stones, changing the shape of the item, adding more precious metal.... the process becomes less of a remodelling, and more of a making of  anew piece, using the base piece as a source of raw materials
Can you use the gemstones from my antique jewellery to make a new piece?
If its diamonds?  Ar "10" in hardness so they are almost impervious to damage, your great grandmothers diamond ring will most likely have a diamond in it that is as perfect as the day it was cut. Sapphires and rubies?  9 in hardness... but a 9 is ten times softer than a 10.  And older sapphire or ruby may have some slight damage... we'd need to see the stones. Best to show us your stones and let us make a decision?