Engraved channel-set Ruby ring Testimonial

I found Mark Scown on the web a couple of weeks before going on a bit of an east trip.

My now husband and I decided to go and check out Mark while we were in Byron Bay and see what we thought of his jewellery. We turned up at his house and were greeted by his lovely wife holding a baby and there was another kid playing in the yard.

We went to Mark’s workshop, which instantly had the very warm feeling of a place where this man spent a lot of his time. The pieces in his cabinet were somewhat unusual but very intriguing; he had all kinds of interesting stones and silver and gold pieces.

We were at the start of our trip so we said we would email each other and Mark said to collect any forms of art along our way and to email him some pictures for ideas for designs. (He said it didn’t necessarily have to be jewellery.)
When we got back to Melbourne we did email him.

Within that week he emailed us a sketch. When I saw it I was quite overwhelmed; it seemed a very cluttered design and hard to picture as a ring, but the more I looked at it the more drawn I was to it, and the more I realised that it was definitely the piece. So we told him to go ahead.

Mark sent me a wax model in the mail; blue wax with texta drawn engraving. Again it was quite hard to picture and staring down at my hand which a) had an engagement ring on it – and b) was blue and made of wax; I was a little hesitant but decided to go for it.

I asked Mark to make it slightly thinner, and he kindly sent me another wax model that was slightly thinner and a little bit bigger in finger size.

When he finished the ring he emailed me a picture, and when I saw the finished product I thought, and still think today that it is the most beautiful ring, and the best part is that it is mine. I admire the ring very often.
I found Mark very open minded and very easy to deal with, he kept in touch with us through the whole process.

I highly recommend dealing with Mark; not only is he a fabulous jeweler, he is also a lovely man.

Bianca and Mark Pearl

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