Diamond Weight Calculator

Many of our clients ring up asking about getting diamond jewelry they have inherited remodeled  or the diamonds take out to be used in completely new pieces.  When we are doing new designs, its always helpful to know the measurement of the stones involved.

If you can measure your diamond, you can also determine how many carats it is using this simple tool.  Go on… try it!

1) Select your diamond shape
round diamond oval diamond heart diamond trillion diamond princess diamond baguette diamond emerald diamond radiant diamond marquise diamond pear diamond
Round Oval Heart Trillion Princess Baguette Emerald Radiant Marquise Pear
2) Measure the diamond (table up) across its widest points
3) Measure the diamond (table up) across its narrowest points
(2 + 3 will be almost identical for round diamonds)
4) Measure the depth or height of the diamond
(from the culet to the top of the table) Diamond Measurements
Your Diamond Carat weight is:

Carat Weight Calculator by Large Diamonds LA




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