About Mark Scown Jewellery

Mark Scown is a master jeweller based in Byron Bay, with a local, National and International client base.  Mark creates custom handcrafted jewellery including wedding and engagement rings, diamond, pearl, opal and all gemstone jewellery. Please take a look through “Mark’s Jewellery”, at examples of past works that Mark has created for his clients.

Trading in Byron Bay since 1997 he is trusted by local clientele and visitors who come back year after year. A talented traditionally trained jeweller, Mark also studied sculpture at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. This broad but comprehensive design background enables Mark to provide a one-on-one consulting service. He personally works with his clients to design the style of jewellery, choose precious metal type, stone shapes, colours and sizes, which will best suit them.

Custom fine jewellery when done well will be much more special than off-the shelf jewellery. When done properly, a unique custom piece will fit the person not just in size, but in personality as well. Buying a piece of jewellery for a loved one is always special, but to be involved in the design process makes this piece a true, future heirloom.

Mark also specialises in jewellery remodelling, repairs and engraving.  Mark can remodel inherited jewellery, which may have been in a family for generations.  Whilst diamonds are forever, the jewellery that contains them often is not; styles date, and metal shows signs of wear and some precious stones may be damaged or lost.  Mark can take a vintage piece and remodel it to give it a more modern, functional appearance, or simply refurbish the existing design with new metal and stones to make the old piece as good as new.

So if you are looking for a unique piece of fine jewellery, something special, Mark Scown, master jeweller, is the man to contact.