How much should I spend On An Engagement Ring

Man scratching headAre you among the legions of love struck gentlemen tasked with locating the perfect ring for your would be bride? Certainly you want to get her something that will make her feel special, but you aren’t sure where to go, or even what to spend on the diamond of your choice. Well, you can look in our guide to understand the best diamond grade and spotting the right cut in our other pages; let tackle the issue of budgets. Common, or rather traditional thinking suggest you should spend anywhere from one months salary to six months salary. This is really just a myth pushed by diamond houses to encourage spending. Every diamond is different, so is every consumer. Budgets, choice, and other limitations apply that make nailing down a price range difficult. The choice really is up to you, before marriage each couples finances are separated, but you don’t want to take debts into the marriage as it will create complications at a time when the only thing you should think about is love. At Byron Bay Fine Jewellery, we can help you source a diamond at almost wholesale rates and combine that with our generally lower rates than big city jewellers, who will charge you full retail for a diamond?  We can make you a super fine engagement ring, at a much lower price than you’d expect. Women do love a nice shiny diamond on their finger, but the more meaningful the gesture the more sentimental value it will hold. One should always look towards family heirlooms to start, not only do they have a rich history, but the gems ensconced are often much more valuable than many you would find today. You even have the option of adding new diamonds or precious stones to the setting to add to the history while giving that additional bit of sparkle. This is the most cost effective way as you won’t have to pay anything for the ring, or just a small amount for additions or changes you make. Another option is saving at year in advance by putting weekly installments into a wedding savings fund. When you do save enough, purchase the ring in full with cash. By following the tips in the guide, you will learn to save tremendously while still finding a envy worthy ring. Society also has changed so much that several factors make spending inordinate amounts on jewelry rather unwise. College has become much more costly while the economy is in shambles making the job market volatile. Couples are more interested in laying a firm foundation instead of living in excess. The average marriage age is also rising, which affects just how much a months salary is. The price of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, platinum and titanium have risen sharply in the past few years as more investors are putting their fund in tangible assets. The change in investing has also increased the cost of precious stone such as rubies, diamonds, emeralds and the like. Consumers who were looking to spend a few months salary on a engagement ring in the past were more apt to get more bang for their buck than couples who tie the knot now. Basically, how much you ultimately spend on a diamond engagement ring is really up to you. Setting limits within your budget without going into debt is the best way to ascertain your final ring cost. You will have to think of the cost of the wedding and honeymoon along with any other arrangements before deciding on a budget. Once you have settled on an amount that you can work with make sure to do your research. Try going online to find reliable sources of quality diamonds then compare prices between competitors, look up various designs until you have a firm idea of what you want. Purchase with confidence by making sure the diamond is GIA certified which not only will give you peace of mind, but also ensures that your diamond will have been professionally cut for just the right amount of brilliance.

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