A Journey to Perfection

My Beautiful Ring

A Journey to Perfection

The Desire
My daughter was about to turn 40 and I wanted to give her an extra special present to mark this important change from young adult to the more mature part of the human matrix. She decided on a ruby and diamond ring set in 18 ct gold.

The Problem
I looked in the local jewellers and on the Web without success, all the rings were either boringly the same or priced for a millionaire. So what to do? Find someone who would make a beautiful, different, but timeless ring to my budget. I didn’t fancy my chances, but I don’t give up easily.

The ‘Corner Stone’
I wanted a ruby as the centerpiece of the ring, but was worried about how to choose one. I had no idea as to what makes a ruby valuable, and could easily have been stung buying a cheaper ruby, for a higher price. Mark was able to provide a consulting service and helped me source a ruby – I was grateful to him providing his services checking stone qualities etc before I decided on the one you can see in the ring above.

The Design
Now, what do I want? I spend days looking at over 3,000 ‘ruby ring’ images on Google. None are right, but a few have the ‘feel’ of what I am looking for. I send copies of them to Mark and ask him to send me his ideas please.

We have an animated discussion about what shape diamond should go either side of the Ruby and we don’t communicate for a few days….rotten jeweller…self opinionated client!

We agree on the diamond shape. He sends me eight drawings and I pick his least favourite…lol.

He searches Australia to find the most beautiful pair of matching pear shaped diamonds that are just the right size,

The Result?
I couldn’t be happier…THIS ring for $2,400!!!!! Perfection…

Thanks Mark!

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